URBAN your Home for Private and Corporate Events

“An unforgettable experience”… “Thank you for a perfect event and the familial atmosphere”… “An incredible experience…” “An incredible staff”… “ Thank you for doing everything so we would feel how much URBAN is unlike the rest…”

The sense of belonging and hominess that distinguishes URBAN is what drives us to engage in diversity, give extra care, and feel excitement over every event: a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a corporate event, a Bris and more take place at our home.

We know that no two events are the same, much like no two homes are the same, and an inviting home is one that is comfortable for everyone. For that very reason, we designed a warm and luxurious event space so that each guest feels at home, that he belongs.

When you’ll step in URBAN, you’ll discover an entire world. A classic and elegantly designed event space with an urban atmosphere and clean lines, which you’ll be able to dress up according to your own taste and accommodate to the style and ambiance you wish to create so that it will match the way you envision your event.

At Urban you’ll find technologically advanced lighting and acoustics systems, an 18-meter long projection wall on which you’ll be able to project pictures, movie clips and marketing contents as you please. 

The event hall at URBAN invites you to an extraordinary culinary experience. The Chef at Urban leads the culinary array in a perfect synergy of flavors. We take great pride in our dishes and consider your culinary experience to be of upmost importance. Every dish on the menu is carefully prepared by our experienced professional staff because we believe that we should never compromise on the quality of the ingredients, their freshness and the expertise of our kitchen professional staff.

URBAN Event Hall is kosher under the supervision of the Natanya Rabbinate.

On our flag we inscribe our commitment and expertise to create unforgettable one of the kind experiences. Our experienced and expert staff is here to assist you in every area and domain, from our first meeting, to the creation and design of your event, the careful choice of service suppliers up to the day of your exciting event.

The URBAN event hall is located in the Sharon area, where we celebrate weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, conferences, corporate events and more. URBAN event hall – located at Poleg Business Park, a central location conveniently close to highways and major intersections for guests arriving from the North and the South.